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Waterfall in Spearfish Canyon

It is call Spearfish because of all the fish. The indians could...



Boot Hill is really Mt Moriah Cemetary

The sign is the tilted one, not me.

This is really high above the town. Really, Really High.

Wild Bill was shot the first year of the town. (The HBO...

Calamity Jane lived here till she died. She could shoot really well,...

Wild Bill's Grave

See how steep it is

Really steep. Can you imagine lugging a coffin up this?

Jane's grave

People bring gifts for her. There are lots of empty liquor bottles.

Custer State Park Caravan. We went over a hill and bison were...

Another direction and more buffalo

And more

The herd was crossing the road

Walking up the road

bison pretty much go where they want

We went out the dirt road and found more

More bison

More over the next hill

And more

And still more

We drove slow and stopped a lot-but it took 20 minutes to...


We drove the Spearfish Canyon today. It was very pretty but after the Needles and Iron Mountain a bit tame. We went to Lead and were not impressed. The Mining Museum was not open as their hours stated they would be, and Deadwood is a tourist trap. We had thought about taking a trolley tour but didn't. We just happened to be at Boot hill when a tour was there and we were really glad we didn't take it. The only thing we really wanted to see was boot hill anyway and we did. OMG I can't believe they lugged coffins up such a steep steep steep (did I mention it was steep) hill so high above the town. Calamity Jane and Wild Bill Hickok are buried there. Many famous people lived in Deadwood including Wyatt Earp. Of course he wasn't killed there like Wild Bill who was shot in a poker game.

In the evening we went back to Custer State Park to take the caravan tour with a naturalist. It was very good. While driving around the loop road we found the bison that had been hiding the day before. There is no way a picture can capture it. We went over a rise in the road and there were bison everywhere you looked as far as you could see. The herd here is about 1300. All 1300 weren't there, but an awful lot of them were.

Again we took lots of pictures

On the way home we saw fireworks everywhere. Apparently anyone can buy any type of firework they want in South Dakota and they do. So in every neighborhood there are people setting off fireworks worthy of any city firework show.

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