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Okay...early get up and a nice breakfast packed with Coca good! Then off for a long drive to begin our tour of the lakes...

On the way we went through a mine of Volcanoes and saw another group of the Llama family animals..called vicuñas but they looked like skinnier llamas..with less hair! So we drove a lot...stopping off at various rocks. One looking like a condor..was really cool. With all these volcanic rocks around. It was all just soo beautiful! the volcanoes had snow on which was glistening like white glossy paint...a couple were even smoking!! We could see mountains in Chile too!

Our first lake was one of the least salty ones. Being the first one we were amazed..and there were FLAMINGOS!! Was incredible..and not a soul but us around. But there were these really prickly plants that just attacked me! looked all soft but no.. ha. Then we were off to the next one which was a fair drive away, and just like the first but a lot bigger. with a whole TONNE of flamingos on it! I was bursting for the loo..and there was absolutely no cover around so had to run up a hill to find something that could pass as rocks. Nearly killed me! The altitude really was affecting me! The lake smelt soo bad a sewer..niceee.

Soon after that we reached the THIRD lake of the day which was very sulphurous apparently..but had no smell. Who knows.. We stopped for lunch here. Was really quite warm, and amazing views. Freddy made us Pollo Milanesa (breaded chicken) and pasta, salad, potatoes and veg. We never worked out how he managed this in the back oof his truck as it was all hot! Made myself a rock table and chair..very pleasant!

So..onto Lake number 4! There wasn´t much to see herer so we didnt stop. But this was the black lake. And straight to lake 5 of the day! Laguna Colarada. This one really was amazing. It was all red due to the segment, and pretty big in comparison. It had little salt islands all over which looked like icebergs! And 4 species of flamingo. Really was beautiful. But really quite windy too. Most impressive of the day i think!

So then we drove to our hostel..literally a hostel town. Only had hostels in and a couple of shops, solely for this purpose. There were other groups there too..and after a little rest in our 6 people dorm. (It was soo cold too!)We waited for freddy to call us for supper..spag bol ...he even brought us wine too! Was a really nice last night aCTUally. We joined up with this group from London and played a card game with them for as while until we couldnt keep our eyes open any longer!

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