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Dinner in Ho Chi Minh

Dinner in Ho Chi Minh

Dinner in Ho Chi Minh

The beach in Nha Trang

Restaurant in Nha Trang


Keeping dry

The Alamo

We arrived in Saigon and decided to go to Nha Trang to do some diving. Saigon was very taxing after spending all day flying. The flights were short but took all day. By the time we got to Saigon we were burned. We booked our tickets for a 6 am flight the next day and got a cheep hotel close to the airport. After checking into the hotel we walked a few blocks and found a restaurant ( pictures to came of dinner). After dinner we decided to crash because we had to get up at 4:30 am for the flight. We arrived in Nha Trang and went to the dive shop to set up the trip for the next day. A South African girl working in the shop set us up with a trip for the next day and pointed us to a hotel. We check it out and it is clean with AC and cable TV for $8 a day. Gotta love it. Took a short nap and went for a bowl of Pho. It was not bad, but I was expecting more. lunch for both Jeff and I, two bowl of Pho and four beers under five dollars. I am liking this place. Except it has been raining most the the day. After another nap, Jeff and I went for a walk around and came across a pub called the Alamo, you know we had to stop in. Tell later, The net appears to be fairly fast here so with any luck I should have more pictures load soon.

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