It was a scenic 18.5 mile pedal tour about the perimeter of Mission Bay. Mission Bay has two islands and numerous coves and inlets. Our RV park, Camping On The Bay is at the Northern end and provides us with a very scenic overlook.We stopped at historic Belmont Park. It is an old amusement park featuring the Giant Dipper a 1925 wooden roller coaster. Seaworld also lies at the southern perimeter. Many gorgeous motels and summer cottages line the bay and are lushly decorated with flowers and gardens. The whole atmosphere is that of a lazy hazy summertime day-girls and guys stroll the pathways while surfers entertain the shoreside crowds. We wove our way through the crowds at a steady rapid pace. The best way to get your exercise is with a view and with the fresh smell of the sea in your nostrils! This sunday the San Diego marathon will follow this same route.

Not to waste a precious moment, we then drove to Point Loma. Cabrillo National Monument is within the gates of the naval base. Lying at the crest of a giant hill it provides a spectacular overlook of San Diegn o and the bay. Numerous naval aircraft thunder over below.head while sips ply the bay and harbor below. The monument commemorates Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo's exploration of the West Coast in 1542-43.The Old Point Loma Lighthouse which guided ships safely into San Diego Harbor from 1855 to 1891 has been painstakenly restored. A visitor center provides the historic insight to this fascinating time in history. San Diego did not become important as a seaport early on because of its shallow waters. Only a few thousand people populated the area at the turn of the century. Times changed dramatically when the bay was dredged and deepened.

It was sobbering and sad to pass the thousands of white headstones of the military cemetery, Fort Rosecrans. This cemetary inters many military dating from the mid 1850's to the present. It is a Veteran's National Cemetery.

Famished and spent we dined at a dockside sea shanty called Hudson Bay Seafoods. There our dining counter overlooked hundreds of moored seacraft of all types. A large sea lion rolled in the waters of the harbor while fisherman strung their poles and repaired their boats.e enjoyed tasty grilled halibut,fish tacos and a seafood platter-all very fresh and tasty.

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