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Table Mountain, Cape Town

Hiking, the Cape

A huge pod of dolphins (over 400 of them!) swam by our...

Seal Rock


Shaun preparing to swim with sharks

Into "the cage" he goes...


Some friendly seals = lunch for the sharks!

Approaching Seal Island


"This is not the beach the penguiins hang out at..." I was...

Penguins, Cape of Good Hope





Beware of Babboons!


The crazy road...

...gets crazier....


It was with some apprehension that we arrived in Cape Town. It seemed that everyone we had met at that point that had been to South Africa had been mugged - often at gunpoint! We'd heard some horror stories of the violence, the street gangs, the tension between people groups, and the extreme poverty and weath that co-exist in this country.

I can't remember what the statistic was, but there was a LOT of murders every day in the country (especially in Johanesberg, which we avoided like a plague!).

Shaun and I had spent a day with Lynn of VIDEA back home, getting an Orientation to Africa, and preparing us for our Volunteer work in Zambia. She had warned us to be sure to check the licensing of any taxi we take, to be sure that the person is a valid cab-driver, and not be at some stranger's mercy once in the car.

She talked about keeping your money and valuables in a variety of places on your body at all times, and to dress modestly, "as the locals dress" to not draw unwanted attention.

SO you could say we were tense when we arrived in Cape Town. Had a little hick-up getting through the border, since we didn't have a flight booked out of the country yet. We were going to plan that as we went, and knew we had a month before having to be in Lusaka, Zambia!

After several cautious checks of taxi license # and vaid ID, we caught a cab from the airport to our Guest House, and soon began to relax.

Cape Town is an amazing city! So beautiful, so diverse, so much history, such an ecclectic combination of peoples, of architecture, of cultres and languages! There are slums and incredible poverty, and there are some of the wealthiest neighbourhoods I've ever seen!

Shaun and I spent a week in Cape Town and the Cape of Good Hope. We went hiking, we went surfing, we went climbing, we went diving with sharks, we tried the local wines, we saw panguins and monkeys, and beautiful beaches. It really is an amazing place, and realize that we need much more time to explore more of this country!

We are heading to Namibia from here, and are so excited! We've rented a 4x4 truck with a pop-up tent on top. They look so fun!

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