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11/08/2009-Sun-Drove from Macara through some Coastal Desert to a beach resort Playa Colan Lodge.

This was a stark introduction to what a coastal desert is all about. No plant life, except in the drainages

and some rivers that made it to the ocean. This was a beautiful little resort right on the beach, with all

the amenities. We camped in the parkinglot near the banos in a nice little grove of trees.

11/09/2009-Mon-Stayed at the Lodge camped in the parking lot,walked the beaches an caught up on

web work, and had some terrific Meals. Saw some new birds along the coast and a bunch of gulls.

11/10/2009-Tues-Drove from Colan Lodge thru the coastal desert to the archeological site of Huca

Rajada-Sipan. We had a little trouble finding the way to it but after a late lunch and some directions

from the locals we finally found it. We asked the chief archeologist for permission to camp in the

parking lot, which was no problem. This site was just really discovered in the last 20 years. It had a

very nice museum showing the original condition of the graves and the dignataries that were buried


11/11/2009-Wed-Drove from Sipan Archeological dig to a Little coastal city of Tortugas and stayed at a

Hotel Farro. This was another summer village that looked like it could have been in Greece. Had

civeche for dinner with a great Pisco.

11/12/2009-Thurs-Drove from Tortugas to an ellfan forest national preserve, called Reserva National

De la Chay. This was an area that was about 2000ft above the ocean and got its water from the coastal

fog that formed daily in the evening. Dogs were not allowed so John and Sharon went on to the next

town south of the park.

11/13/2009-Fri- from the elfan forest to meet john and shanon at at plaza then drove to the Mirador

hostelrea, a nice place overlooking the little greek like fishing village of Pucusana south of Lima.

This was friday the 13th so John was stopped by the police just out side of Lima, he didn't have

iinsurance and paid a hefty bribe instead of the fine. After that we spent the rest of the day getting

insurance. John and I left the girls and animals at a shopping mall, with a Starbucks, and hired a taxi to

take us to downtown Lima for auto insurance.

11/14/2009-Sat-Drove from the Mirador hostalrea to Lunahuana a little Valley up the Canete river.

This valley is noted for it Pisco production and river rafting. We found a nice campground and were

the only ones there. John wasn't feeling too well and they decided to stay another night at the Mirador.

We decided to have dinner at a place overlooking the river, had a hard time finding one but persistance

prevailed and we had a fine meal with Pisco Sours overlooking the take out for the rafting.. It was still

light after dinner and Karla and I wanted to visit a place that made Pisco.. Well, we pulled into a small

gated entry and found a small little place that sold their own, made their own Pisco and also a very

INTERESTING wine... The young gal and her father ran the place. Dad was a master Pisco maker.

He had won first place for his Premium Pisco in 2009. So we accidentally choose the Right place.

11/15/2009-Sun-drove from Lunahuana to meet John and sharon at the Armas Plaza in Ica. Sharon was

really sick. We spent the night in the Parking lot at the hotel. For Free...

The drive that day took us through Pisco and Paracas National Park, where we had lunch after

checking out the Chilean Flamengos.

11/16/2009-Mon-Drove from Ica to Puerto Inka, drove through the Nazca plains and saw a couple of

the lines from the highway. this as a long drive through the coastal desert and another hanging highway

overlooking the rugged coast. We passed some spectacular sand dunes and a few nice sandy beaches in

river drainages from the Andes. These were great looking camp sites but had to move further south.

We did find a great little cove at the Puerto Inka, finally Karla got to camp in a beautiful cove. The one

special moment we had upon arrival and just after we got all setup was to be served delicious Pisco

Sours at our camp overlooking the setting sun. Which also in the distance were diving boobys and

breaching humpback whales. What a treat after a long day of driving. Another treat was warm water

in the showers.

11/17/2009 Tues-spent the day at Puerto Inka, celebrated John's 65th birth day. We had a great

breakfast of eggs and bacon, with happy birthday being sung in the background. Hiking around the

Inca ruins that were there. This was the place were fish were prepared and sent to Quzco by runners,

which was about straight up for 50 or more miles.

We also were camping with a couple of other travel bus tours. Two large camping buses from a

German Company called Altour, English Company called Dragoman. The German buses had 10 to 20

people each, the English bus tour had about 25 people. All of these buses were huge mercedes, 4x4s

tricked out with all the overland type stuff(jacks, winches, sand ramps, etc.) They were traveling

through Bolivia, the back country of Peru, and south through back to Northern Chile, then south to

Ushuia, just like us. They camped everynight in tents, and had a co-op type kitchen for all of the

meals... These companies do all kinds of trips around the world, Africa, Asia, Australia. (We are

talking about doing another car thing, maybe Australia. ) Another bus pulled in Later that afternoon

from a third company called Toucan Tours, from Germany. This was a group of people from 18-35,

They stayed up all night and partied so I was told. The bus driver from this tour group, gave us some

good info about a location of a campground in Ariquipa. John asked one of the kids where they had

been last night and the kids comment was,I have no idea. (the young)

11/18/2009-Wed- Drove from Puerto Inka to Arequipa. This was another long drive along the coastal

desert and on some hanging highways overlooking the ocean, in some places near 1000fts below..

Ariquipa was at about 7500ft so we finally went across a huge inland plateau. Again it was dry and

hardly a plant to be seen. We finally arrived in Ariquipe and had a difficult time finding the

Campground, which was a hotel with a big yard. The La Mercedes hotel, said there was no room, but

the Toucan Tour driver, whom was already there, gave us a good word and we were in.... Whewww.

There was a huge supermarket just down the block, we stocked up on goods/and wine.

11/19/2009-Thurs Drove from Arequipa to Arica, Chile. Again across the dry costal desert. We

crossed over a couple of huge rivers that watered farming in those valleys. Oasis in this vast desert.

We had lunch on a beach while watching some of the local birds eat and rest. Gulls, boobys, and Terns.

And a couple of blackish Oystercatchers. We arrived ino the boarder town of Tacna around 4pm and

after stopping at a number of hotels, gave up. No dogs allowed.. So we continued on to the boarder of

Chile and crossed.

Birding in Peru; I have been birdwatching the entire trip and have told all little of the events of

birdwatching. The reason is that I don't want to bore to death those not intersted. So for Peru, I have

decided to include a list of birds seen . Also decided to include other wildlife seen. I will include all the

birds seen and put a star next to the ones that are lifers for me.. On average we are seeing at least one

new bird a day. This for me is pretty dang exciting. And keeps me on my toes.Species: 39 - Subspecies: 0 - Forms: 39

Pan American Road trip Total Records: 53

Name Location When Seen Name Location When Seen

Phoenicopteridae 1

Chilean Flamingo Lunahuana 11/15/2009

Pelecanidae 2

Peruvian Pelican Colan Lodge 11/09/2009

Peruvian Pelican Puscacaa 11/14/2009

Sulidae 3

Peruvian Booby Puscacaa 11/14/2009

Peruvian Booby Lunahuana 11/15/2009

Masked Booby Lunahuana 11/15/2009

Phalacrocoracidae 2

Neotropic Cormorant Puerto Inka 11/16/2009

Red-legged Cormorant Puerto Inka 11/16/2009

Cathartidae 1

Turkey Vulture Puerto Inka 11/16/2009

Accipitridae 2

Black-chested Buzzard-Eagl Lunahuana 11/15/2009

Variable Hawk Parque National Reser 11/13/2009

Haematopodidae 3

American Oystercatcher Lunahuana 11/15/2009

Blackish Oystercatcher Puerto Inka 11/16/2009

Blackish Oystercatcher Puerto Inka 11/16/2009

Laridae 9

Gray-hooded Gull Colan Lodge 11/09/2009

Gray-hooded Gull Lunahuana 11/15/2009

Gray Gull Puscacaa 11/14/2009

Gray Gull Puerto Inka 11/16/2009

Belcher’s Gull Puscacaa 11/14/2009

Belcher’s Gull Puerto Inka 11/16/2009

Kelp Gull Colan Lodge 11/09/2009

Kelp Gull Lunahuana 11/15/2009

Kelp Gull Puerto Inka 11/16/2009

Rynchopidae 1

Black Skimmer Lunahuana 11/15/2009

Columbidae 3

Croaking Ground-Dove Parque National Reser 11/13/2009

West Peruvian Dove Colan Lodge 11/09/2009

West Peruvian Dove Huaca Rajada Sipan 11/11/2009

Psittacidae 1

Mountain Parakeet Lunahuana 11/15/2009

Cuculidae 2

Greater Ani Huaca Rajada Sipan 11/11/2009

Groove-billed Ani Lunahuana 11/15/2009

Apodidae 1

White-collared Swift Lunahuana 11/15/2009

Trochilidae 5

Oasis Hummingbird Lunahuana 11/15/2009

Peruvian Sheartail Parque National Reser 11/13/2009

Tumbes Hummingbird Colan Lodge 11/09/2009

Amazilia Hummingbird Colan Lodge 11/09/2009

Amazilia Hummingbird Huaca Rajada Sipan 11/11/2009

Furnariidae 2

Coastal Miner Lunahuana 11/15/2009

Coastal Miner Puerto Inka 11/16/2009

Tyrannidae 5

White-crested Elaenia Lunahuana 11/15/2009

Vermilion Flycatcher Colan Lodge 11/09/2009

Vermilion Flycatcher Huaca Rajada Sipan 11/11/2009

Vermilion Flycatcher Lunahuana 11/15/2009

Tropical Kingbird Huaca Rajada Sipan 11/11/2009

Troglodytidae 1

Fasciated Wren Huaca Rajada Sipan 11/11/2009

Polioptilidae 1

Tropical Gnatcatcher Colan Lodge 11/09/2009

Mimidae 2

Long-tailed Mockingbird Colan Lodge 11/09/2009

Long-tailed Mockingbird Lunahuana 11/15/2009

Thraupidae 1

Blue-gray Tanager Huaca Rajada Sipan 11/11/2009

Incertae Sedis 2 1

Streaked Saltator Huaca Rajada Sipan 11/11/2009

Emberizidae 2

Peruvian Sierra-Finch Parque National Reser 11/13/2009

Saffron Finch Huaca Rajada Sipan 11/11/2009

Cardinalidae 1

Golden-bellied Grosbeak Huaca Rajada Sipan 11/11/2009

Icteridae 1

Peruvian Meadowlark Parque National Reser 11/13/2009

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Name Location When Seen Name Location When Seen

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