Sharing with Sandy: Lima's Light and Leaders - May 2009 travel blog

Delphine Delivers Our Daily Bread

Irma's Invite to 'Stop Child Worker Abuse' Forum

The Actual Invite. I Am Proud of Her!

Lara's 'Security Team' @ a Lima ATM

For Organizing School Supplies. Thanks Mom!

Using My Health Insurance Card as My ID. It Worked!

Lima City Center

The Angels Show Up Every Day to Learn & Play

Sweet Angeline Always Wants To Go To 'That House' To Do Her...

Our French Teacher Takes A Break & Puzzles

Prepping Kitchen for...

...Our Security to Kill Our Biggest Threat: Critters!

The proper elderly Delphine arrived at our door at 7:00 am with fresh rolls for us

. I had walked to his store BY MYSELF yesterday morning - three whole doors down. It is the only place that Irma, the Light and Leadership 'mom,' will let the gringas walk alone. But, I did not knock loudly enough for him to hear me. When I told Irma upon her arrival to our home at 8:00 am, she walked with me back to Delphine's. She made her presence known for sure:

Sandy at Delphine's home: knock, knock. delphine. buenas dias. pan (bread), por favor?

Irma at Delphine's home: KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK (with her key on the metal bars serving as his door). DELPHINE! DELPHINE DELPHINE! YO QUIERO PAN AHORITA! (I WANT BREAD NOW!!)

I was clearly too meek in my request. Delphine said he will now bring bread to our home every morning. How wonderful is that? By the way, 8 rolls cost 1 sol, or 33 cents. Translation? My breakfast and dinner cost a total of 8 cents.

After a 2 hour crazy bus ride from Huaycan to Lima, we spent the day shopping for school supply storage containers

and home basics. Irma negotiated everything - from a shower head to taxi fees. When she negotiates, the three gringas walk away so that she doesn't lose her bargaining leverage.

Lunch at 3:00 pm was chefa - a Chinese food with a Peruvian fare - in Lima's Chinatown. Then, we splurged and took a taxi home because we had sooooo many bags of goodies, from wiring to a dish-drying rack. It was definitely a long, busy day in Lima. We did not have any time for sightseeing, except to snap a quick photo while we were walking through the city center

. Lima seems pretty dirty. It has cars, though, which I had not seen for a while since Huaycan only has moto-taxis.

Arriving home after a one hour, sleepy, American 80s music cab ride home to Huaycan, I perked up after enjoying mate de coca to prepare for the arrival of children to learn and play. Antonio was already here, and Karlita and Angeline arrived soon after. Angeline's guardian told us that Angeline is already much more interested in school since coming to 'that house' for only two days! Ah, and the resonance and sustainability begins...:)

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