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Madison SD downtown business district

Our regular snail-mail goes to this post office

Then it gets delivered to our mail forwarding service here

Then Terri Lund lets us know what has arrived and forwards it...

This is our "Home" in Madison SD

Our mail is very secure in this vault!

Our new insurance agency in Madison

Deb Blanchette knows all about solving insurance needs for full-time RVers

Library in Madison. Very nice building built in 1906.

Lake County Court House - across the street from the library

Dinner tonight was grilled salmon and grilled veggies (corn, red potatoes, sweet...

We traveled the short distance south to Madison SD today. Madison is a large town by Midwest standards with a population of around 6,300. It is the county seat of Lake County SD. Lake County seems like a good name for this area since there are lots of lakes. We must have passed a dozen small lakes between Brookings and here, and tonight we are living at the state campground at Lake Herman.

We haven't explored much of Madison yet but we did walk around the "downtown" area where there are lots of businesses in nicely maintained old buildings, many over 100 years old. We first went to pick up our mail and meet Teri Lund, the nice lady who so efficiently handles our mail at her company, She showed us around her neat little business place right in the downtown area. Her building formerly housed a title company that needed secure document storage. The office has a big walk-in vault where Teri now has all the mailboxes for her clients. I think we must have the most secure mailbox in the country! We looked into several companies that provide this service before selecting MyDakotaAddress. It is the only one we found that sends us an email each day when we receive mail. The email tells us what has arrived and who it is from. With this information we can make very informed decisions as to when to have the mail sent to us. When we decide we need to get the mail we send Teri an email and tell her where to send it. She packages all the accumulated mail and sends it by priority mail to us. I'd highly recommend MyDakotaAddress for their great personalized service.

We also stopped by First Madison Insurance Coompany to meet our new insurance agent, Deb Blanchette. Full-time RVers who don't own a house need specialized insurance coverage. Most insurance companies and agents don't have a clue, but there are a few that specialize in this area of the business. Deb is an independent agent and is a pro at shopping for the best deal for her full-time RVing customers. Her office is just around the corner from MyDakotaAddress. It's been great working with Deb to get all our insurance coverage in place. Very nice personalized service and we couldn't beat her quotes for our situation. If you're an RVer needing a quote email Deb.

We also went to the library to catch up on some of the magazines we like to read. The library is just a block down the street from MyDakotaAddress. It has a nice selection of magazines and we spent a couple hours there. I also got a library card while I was there. Not sure exactly why I need it but I've always had one wherever I live so why change now. I didn't even have to show them an ID. Just filled out a short form and got a laminated card. This library also had a service we'd never seen before. They loan out beautiful framed prints to hang on your walls at home. They had a very nice selection and you can borrow them for two months. How neat is that?

As we walked around town today almost everyone we met on the sidewalks greeted us with a friendly "hello". Also, people in oncoming cars often waved to us on the streets and highways. To paraphrase Dorothy, "we're not in California anymore".

We found a nice shady campground at Lake Herman, which is about 2 miles from Madison. It is a state park and a very popular spot with the local residents. It is fully reserved for the weekends but we were able to get a spot for our mid-week stay. We plan to spend three nights here.

When I was a kid I remember my dad telling me often to be sure to marry a good cook. He would generally do this as part of a compliment being paid to Mom for an especially delicious meal. Being an obedient child (sometimes) I took his advice. Elena is a great cook. Tonight we had grilled Copper River Salmon and grilled vegetables. It was great!

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