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In front of one of the Pyramids of Gisa

Inside the Pyramid

A "Tourist" policeman

The Spinx etc...

Immigration officials at Ismailia reading the Lonely Planet guide for Egypt!

Marina at good to get back!

Cairo and the Pyramids 28 May 2007

Having researched the situation the day before, we rented a car and driver in Ismailia for the day to go to Cairo and the Pyramids of Giza. The cost of a little under $50 US was reasonable, especially split 4 ways! So at 7am we set out.

With five in the car (a Camry size car) it was a little tight but still much better than squeezing our way onto the bus etc. The drive wasn't too bad if you just don't pay much attention to the driving. Passing between two cars in a non existent lane was a little nerve wracking but we made it!

First stop the pyramids that are on the outskirts of Cairo. The city butts right up to them, then the Pyramids and then the desert. An amazing site! We had only just paid our money and entered the site for about 3 minutes when a guy came up and told us the pyramids where closed and if we just went with him he would organise everything....... This was repeated several times through the morning.

The tourist police on camels are supposed to stop this but when I took a photo of the policeman on the camel he wanted some money! Just part of how things are done!

It is an amazing experience and well worth it. Lars and I paid our extra money to go inside the largest pyramid.

After the Pyramids we drove to the Egyptian Museum and spent a few hours. It houses over 100,000 relics and antiquities from Ancient Egypt. Included are two rooms of mummies. Looking at them was a strange experience. Knowing they had been alive and real people. Also on display were the contents of Tutankhamen's tomb. He certainly geared himself for the afterlife!

All very interesting but two hours was enough as the museum is not air conditioned and it got very hot!

Then a frantic two and a half hour drive back! Nice to get back to the quiet of Jennifer and the Ismailia Marina.

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