Our Travels West, Summer 2007 - David and Linda Young travel blog

Our RV Park/Casino

Temp in the motorhome and outside, Las Vegas

In our car after arrival-103 degrees

Following day - 108 outside (car thermometer)

Portrait of my sweetheart

Princess Bonnie

Ron drives down Casino Row-Tyler is oblivious

Linda and Connie before the Casino took our quarters


F Street

For Kyle - his Pop and Hot Dogs

Connie wanted to know who the clown was behind her

That 'clown' belongs to Linda Lee

An Oxygen Bar

Look at the man's body language

Down Freemont Street

Um - it's the Beads that are Free -

Then, here goes the Light Show

Light Show

Prior to the light show

Light Show

More Light Show

L. S.

Final Light Show

When we left Williams, AZ this morning it was 37 degrees. When we arrived in Las Vegas it was 101 degrees. Quite a Jolt!

We stayed at Sam's Town Boulder RV Park. Sam's town is enormous! It has the RV park, multilevel parking for cars, a gambling casino, shopping, a spa, bowling center, bingo parlor, several restaurants, a movie theater - etc. Really, anything you wanted was there.

David had made an appointment with a Monaco licensed repair shop. They were attempting to fix the rear air conditioner, the shower wand, and have the over-heating problem corrected. During the day we sat out at Ron and Connie's campsite and visited. Later, Ron had driven Connie, David, me, Bonnie and Tyler around downtown Las Vegas so we could keep cool and also see the big casinos. It ended up the shop had to keep Max overnight in order to complete the work. They got us a hotel room that allowed dogs - the room was regularly 225.00 a night, and we paid 70.00. David and I tried to make coffee in the coffeepot in our room - neither one of us has ever made anything other than instant. It was a comedy of errors - ended up getting pale coffee all over the counter, so we cleaned it up and gave up. David went to the lobby and got me a cup.

While we were waiting until check-out time Bonnie started to 'fetch'. We both had tried to throw toys to her and get her to bring them back. However, we always got The Stare and the look that said, 'You want ME to get that?'. All of a sudden she started actually bringing the toy back - very proud of herself - to the bewilderment of Tyler. He always was the one who could play 'fetch', so David ended up playing with two different toys so each dog could have their own.

We rode around in the air conditioned car until we could pick up the RV. The outside thermometer on the Jeep registered 108 degrees.

Finally got our RV back and joined Connie and Ron at the RV park. We went over to the casino and ate lunch. I then learned how to 'play' the one-arm-bandit slot machines. They should be called the 'Sucker Machines' - it just suckers you in by paying off a little, then a little more, then comes in for the big kill and takes alllll your money. I began by 'winning' 21.00 after putting eight quarters in the machine. We went to Shepplers Western Store to look around. David found a cowboy hat he just-had-to-have. That makes three (3) cowboy hats he has bought on this trip. I told him he only has one (1) head.......

Connie and I wanted to stay and feed the slot machines our money, so Ron stayed with us and David went back to check on the dogs. Connie and I moved from the pull down the arm machines to the 'technical' ones you just pushed a button on - we still lost money. When it was all over, counting my initial winnings, I had lost 27.00 - should have kept my winnings of 21.00!

One night we went downtown for the Freemont Street Experience. What a big party! Music blaring, flashing lights, people walking around with drinks in their hands, stores on each side of the 'street'. It is divided by a real street that cars go down and it was amazing that we didn't see anyone run over. The drink-holding dumb-dumbs didn't pay a lick of attention to the Don't Walk signs. There was a stage band playing at full blast on great big speakers. People dancing with just anyone, etc. A Sax player with a hat for donations - a man singing with a mike and his wife dancing to the tunes (I didn't see anyone give them a tip).

As soon as it got dark, all the lights on all the stores were turned off and a canopy across the pedestrian street lighted up with a laser-light show. Everyone stood around looking up, with their mouths open - good thing it didn't rain, they would have drowned like turkeys. When the light show was over, on came the lights, on came the music and we returned to shopping. This occurred once an hour. Really a neat place. We ate there at one of the buffets - fabulous food, unlimited buffet. Good thing we had shops to go in and walking to do so we could walk it off!

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