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Got up early and got the first boat out of La Ceiba to Utila - I couldn't get out that place fast enough...the hostel was an absolute dive and the worst place I've stayed so far by a mile...there wasn't even a lock on the door...but I suppose you can't really complain at $3 a night! Another crazy taxi ride to the port - all 5 of us piled into the smallest car with our backpacks...and again the taxi driver demands "dos chicas" ride with him in the front (practically sitting on his lap) as 4 people can't possibly sit in the back!..

The boat was packed with other backpackers all heading to Utila for New Year so had a good feel about it...although there were also loads of the idiot travellers who I've been lucky enough to avoid quite well so far, ie just talking about themselves really loudly, where they've been, scuba diving etc etc etc...mostly Americans and posh English kids - but managed to just ignore them and not let them annoy me!

We spent a couple hours looking around a few dive schools (there are loads of them here) ....we found one with "luxury accommodation" attached to it with a swimming pool and was more like a hotel...still only $6 a night so a total bargain!..quite expensive for here but we decided to treat ourselves as it was new year! was like paradise and am already thinking am going to stay longer here than a few's the sort of place people get stuck for weeks - but we will see....the diving is so so cheap (the cheapest place in the world to learn to dive) and I could do my dive masters course over 3-4 weeks but not sure yet...sounds like very hard work & a lot of responsibility am not sure I want - I like diving for fun!

I booked in for some dives and had to have a refresher course which was really hard & didn't like doing it at all...but better to be safe I suppose and I hadn't dived for 2-3 years...had a really good instructor diving with me - Frederico from Argentina who was beautiful - as are most of the dive instructors here ha ha!...but obviously that's not a reason why I would stay!

So basically spending the days diving, swimming and lying in the sun...sleeping lots and of course lots of partying....met loads of other cool people and am basically having a fantastic time....loving the proper travelling lifestyle now!

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