Lady Di...on her state visit... travel blog

The guy who's supposed to be taking me to meet my bus...

Braking down on the busiest roundabout in history!

Chaos at the border crossing...

No seats left on the bus so we sit on chairs in...

Vietnamese border...pretty swish!

Officials taking their ruddy time processing our visas

My room...isn't it sweet!

Where i'm staying...stepping 1 of about 10 kids in the living room...

Here at last...Welcome to Saigon

Most English - looking joint designated to watch the footie...

'Han' showing us his really long little finger nails that all guys...

Serious patroitism going on here!

One day we'll win a penalty shoot out. ;-(

Sleep through my alarm and wake up at 5.30am when I'm supposed to be meeting my bus so run around like a headless chicken for the next 5 mins stuffing everything in my bag and get to where I'm supposed to be just 10 mins late so pretty impressed with myself...and when I get there the guide is asleep on the floor...

Another epic journey begins...I swear I just have the worst luck. After splashing out a whole $12 instead of $4 (as Matt convinced me after tales of waitresses and A/C) I am suitably impressed when I get on our bus...which is meant to take us the whole way to Saigon. Well, it breaks down after 20 mins on the busiest roundabout during rush hour so a slightly shabbier bus comes to our rescue after about 30 mins stuck on the roundabout watching motorbikes carrying all sorts of things slabs of meat! An hour into bus number 2 it breaks down and we eventually start again on bus number 3 which is too small for us all so some have to sit in the aisles!

We finally cross the border, much smoother than the crossing into Cambodia, and already you see advertising for BP, Shell, Ford, Honda, Nokia etc - even the outskirts are much more developed than what I saw in Cambodia.

Finally find a decent room in backpacker heaven district 1 for just $5, which is something ridiculous like 100,000 vietnamese dong, and it's the nicest room I've had shower!!! Sky TV!!

Gear up to watch England v Portugal and meet Matt who I met in Cambodia...and we get chatting to 2 other English lads who I thought were about 23 /24 but turns out they're 19 and off to uni in September...they're a lot more mature than I was back then but maybe that's what happens when you take a gap year before uni.

Football begins and am seriously pissed off by about 6 black guys who are shouting 'Por - too - gal' in my ear when the rest of the joint is packed with English fans. Get all excited one minute, screaming at the screen the next (surprised myself given that I don't even follow footie back home!) and as mood turns pretty sour after we lose I make a sharp exit to bed feeling drained!

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