Where in the World is Connie? travel blog

Grand Palace wall & moat, Mandalay

Connie & Sein Tun, rickshaw driver

Young girl wearing traditional face powder

Guardian of the temple

Nuns worshiping/chanting in temple

Local bus ... looks a bit full to me!

Local workers making beaded/sequined tapestries

Myanmese writing - I didn't bother trying to learn!

One of the temples at Mingun (near Mandalay)

Statues outside temple

Another temple at Mingun

Interesting temple architecture

Mingun taxi

Fields are tilled by oxen

Woman working in the field

Another temple in Mandalay

Old monk awaiting donations

Sein Tun, my rickshaw driver/guide & friend

Young monk sitting in temple window

Another full bus

Beautiful sunrise seen from riverboat heading to Bagan

Woman trying to sell sarongs to tourists on ferry

Ancient temples at Bagan

Young monks (pestered me to take photo so I'd give $$)

Gold Rock perched on hillside

Porter carrying bags up hill

Monks with alm bowls making trek to Gold Rock

Kyaiktiyo "Gold Rock" Temple

Entrance to Schwedagon Temple, Yangon

Buildings inside Schwedagon temple

Buddha worshippers

Elephant statues at Schwedagon temple

Photos only - see "November in a Nutshell" (story 9)

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