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Egytian Countryside

Kom Obo Sign

Pylon at Kom Obo Temple

Kom Obo Temple

Metal Joint that holds the Building Stones Together

Hieroglyphics on the walls of Kom Obo

Pharoh in a Hieroglyphic at Kom Obo

Pharoh on a Column at Kom Obo

Joint on the Stone Building Blocks

Kom Obo

Stone Wall going to the Nileometer

Nileomter at Kom Obo used to measure the height of the Nile

Inside the Nileometer

Mummified Crocodile at Kom Obo

Crocodile Mummy at Kom Obo

Tower at Kom Obo

Snake Charmer at Kom Obo


Kim with Egyptian Instrument at Kom Obo

Michael getting music lessons at Kom Obo

The Nile at night

The Nile from the Nile Cruiser

Evening on the Nile

It is now time for the trip to Kom Ombo. It was an interesting temple. We saw mummified crocodiles. We also saw a calendar, probably one of the first in history. We saw the Nileometer used to see how far the Nile would flood. During a high flood, taxes went up because more crops were grown. I also saw a snake charmer and photographed the cobra. We also got a chance to sit down and experience playing native music on something similar to a violin. We had cocktails on the ship and dinner about 8:30. It was the slowest dinner and served by candlelight. The light was low to keep you from seeing the food. Gray soup with peanuts. I had PB&J for dinner. It looks like this will be my diet while on the ship. We ate with Robert. It provided for interesting conversation. The TV on the ship works sometimes and mostly not at others. We got them to put on Cocktail the movie tonight. This was the best choice given the others seemed Venom and something with two headed dinos. Time to go to bed. Tomorrow we see the temples at Esna. On Friday we have full day with Luxor, Karnak, and the Valley of the Kings.

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