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The long and lonely highway down Baja!

There is not much to run into, but it is a long...

Our trusty cruiser. We later discovered that this vehicle can go anywhere!

New Year's day. Marc is shedding the corporate cut for something a...

Camping at Punta Canejo, out on the sand with no one around!

In some places the road was actually flooded, and we had to...

Ahh- getting close to the tropics. Playa Coyote, near Mulege Baja.

More playa coyote, the water isn't as warm as it looks.

Kayaking anyone?

The road to punta conejo- 40 miles of cactus and sand.

Sunrise in Cabo. Time to go fishing!

It's 11:30...perfect time for a beer! Marc and his father-in-law Steve.

Waiting for the sun to come up.

A fun group picture. Another pretty sunset in Cabo.

As you might remember, last January was one of the rainiest ever in California. While we were driving down Baja the rain clouds were following us. Most of the 1200 mile peninsula is desert, and some places only rarely get rain. But this year was different and in some places the only highway was flooded. But, by the time we reached the southern part of the peninsula the rain was gone and the sun was shining.

Baja is very desolate, and we camped almost every night. Often we would drive miles down a rough dirt road and set up camp in the sand dunes where the desert would meet the beach. The stars are amazing here and we would hear coyotes howling all night. After anout 9 days in the boonies, we reached Cabo San Lucas. We met up with family here and we went Marlin fishing (caught and released 3!!), and had a great time enjoying the first tropical resort town of our journey!

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