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Restaurant balcony

Travelling to Brazil on 6/01/20 with BA. Uneventful except when the FA served the drinks, we poured them, turbulence started. Guy ended up with a JD & coke over his trousers and the chap in the adjacent seat got out his bible, put on his little skull cap and started praying and crying. FA brought us Mor drinks although I'd put my hand over mine so I didn't lose too much. Arrived in Rio at around 8pm Brazilian time. Problem was, our onward flight to Salvador isn't until 6am next morning. And the airport seats where we'd thought we'd have a kip, have arms so we couldn't lay out. So no sleep! We had a couple of beers and before the fight, a coffee and cookie, walked round the corner on the way to find seats by the gate, and there was a MacDonalds! Should've waited and had a MacyD breakfast! Had around 20 mins nap on the plane.

On arrival at Rio, we changed £250 into Reals at the bank kiosk. We got and had to haggle for, 4.74 Reals to the £.

We found the bus to the Metro, bought tickets (3.70 Reals) and changed lines. We then got a taxi to our hotel, Pousada Beja Flor. It's situated in the historical centre, Poulerino. Well, poor taxi! The roads so narrow, there's 'cobbles' and the cars lurching over them. Arrived, taxi was 15Reals, gave him 20; around £5. Remember, it's approx 9am. We're not due to check in till 1pm but we thought we'd ask to leave our bags. So go in, explain what we want and who we are and are given breakfast and pay (957 Reals) and check in. Then allowed to change clothes in another room. We went off for a wander and came back just after 1pm to go to bed exhausted after setting an alarm for 5pm. We have a balcony with a hammock ( that's been replaced by the washing line) and a couple of lovely rocker chairs. Could do with cushions but that's fine. We'd bought a bottle of 'hooch' (8 Reals) while we were out so we're able to sit in the sun for an hour with a Ouro and coke. Then showered and changed and dinner. We were recommended to go to Pyro which we found by chance. It wasn't too far up the road. Well, we were sat on the balcony overlooking the sea. We had a couple of beers and starter of home made artisan bread with caramelised apple butter, garlic mayonnaise and some sort of tomatoey dip. Yummy! Guy had seafood risotto and I had ravioli stuffed with spinach and ricotta and covered in creamy sauce and in the middle of some of the ravioli was a nut; may've been cashew. Absolutely delicious. (197reals inc service charge). Wasn't cheap but I recall when we were last in Brazil, it was a similar price as back home. Then wandered back to hotel. The little artisan shops which were closed during the day are open now so have to have a look. Also lots of little 'bars' open too with tiny tables and chairs out along the road. We're still knackered so back to our room for a nightcap on the balcony and bed.

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