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After about 24 hours door-to-door, we arrived at Travis AFB billeting. Crashed is the only word that comes to mind when we hit the pillows. Next day we met with old friend and fellow PSM (Personnel Systems Manager) from the 70's, Pat Marino, who as usual is the first person to meet us at Travis. Later on we drove to the storage unit to "just" put three of our four suitcases in so we can travel to D.C. next week carrying only one suitcase, but the unit was not up to Julieann's cleaning standard so she spent a few hours shining stuff.

Just to make our Hawaiian peeps feel better, I took this photo of a local gas station. Nope, Hawaii isn't #1 anymore and probably won't be as long as the California folks keep voting in the tax n spend politicians (like we are getting in Hawaii). Sales tax here is 9.5% not counting the additional taxes put on by city and county. Hawaii will get there; have patience my friends.

Also to make Hawaii peeps feel better about "Glad we live Hawaii", we have been FREEZING since we got here. Temps in the 40s; rain every day. I did not pack properly for this weather.

Friday afternoon I stopped in to meet the Travis Wing Commander who is the son of old friend, Wayne Nelson. Commander was out doing commander stuff, we're leaving Monday and I didn't want to intrude on his weekend (even though Wayne gave me his phone number) so we missed meeting him this time; maybe better luck on the way back to Hawaii in December.

Today we drove an hour or so to meet up with a cousin I haven't seen in over 40 years. We had a great Italian dinner and "talked story" for hours. I've learned that I am WAY behind in "who's who in the family" category. Most of my cousins are grandparents and I haven't even met their kids yet. Oh well, another goal that probably won't be met. I'll just add this to my collection, but I'll try. I already have a few relatives we are scheduled to meet for the very first time sometime during this trip.

The next day, Sunday, we connected with old friends, Russ & Yvonne Frazier, who we haven't seen in something like 20 years. They left Hawaii, then we left Hawaii, then they came back, then they went to Germany, then we came back to Hawaii and started traveling a whole bunch …….. or something like that. Suffice to say that we really missed them over the years and kept in touch via FaceBook. Now they're stationed at Travis and with any luck we'll all be back in Hawaii in a few years. Love you guys.

Tomorrow we say goodbye to Travis and drive to Sacramento. If all goes as planned, we leave on a jet plane (song?) for D.C. for Rolling Thunder and we hope to visit with more old friends. More later.

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