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We love flying with Alaska Airlines because of their many positive customer perks, but especially because they are very quick to email their guests a credit voucher if their flight is delayed an inconvenient amount of time. This happened to us last year when we were returning from a trip to the Oahu and the Big Island, Hawaii. The credit vouchers are good for one year, as long as the flight is booked before the voucher expires. It was good until the end of May, and we used it for this flight in late September.

We love the relatively cozy atmosphere of the airport, even though it is quite large, the trains make it quite easy to get from one area to another. This time we had quite a short connection and could manage to go to our favourite lounge, the Centurion. It’s the best lounge we’ve been to in North America. The food is fantastic and the bar always has Prosecco!

Instead, we had to look for something to pick up near the gate – we’re not big fans of the sandwiches on the planes – but we were lucky to find a great Vietnamese restaurant near our ‘N’ gate and hurriedly grabbed a ‘bun mi’ sandwich. It was big enough for us to share, and it was fantastic!


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