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The Vancouver Airport Has Some Really Stunning Artwork, I Never Tire Of...

We Headed Straight For The Plaza Premium Lounge, And Celebrated With Food...



When booking our one-way flight to Gatwick airport, we chose a long layover in Vancouver instead of a relatively short one. Living on an island has taught us that you can’t always rely on good weather conditions or other transportation issues to ensure that you are able to catch a long, overseas flight. Plans can really go astray if one missed the first leg of a journey. It’s like dominoes, the first one falls, and the rest just keep toppling over.

We ended up with five hours between our on-time 15-minute flight between Victoria and Vancouver, but we didn’t mind at all. We would have been twiddling our thumbs at home so why not take the risk out of our plans. With all the travelling we do, we opted for business lounge access as a perk, despite the fact that we were not flying in business class, but premium economy.

We settled into the lounge, selected some great snacks and red wine to accompany them, and then I opened my laptop and proceeded to begin working on the issue of my travel journal. I was surprised to see that this trip is essentially the beginning of Year 13 of our retirement travels. Wow! Where has the time gone?


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