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Today was a great adventure. The Vistade ride up to Machu Picchu,then a tour of the Cutadel. It started out rainy but began to clear as we went on. They say you can experience 4 seasons in one day in this part of Peru. We had a rainbow at the end of our tour. Tomorrow is on our own. Plans are a hike toward the sun gate. We' lo see how far we get. Doing ok with altitude so far. We started altitude Med on Dec 24 so are doing ok but get winded on some climbs. A bout of Motezuma's revenge set in on Christmas Day so was difficult to tell what was altitude and what was Gastonia issues. It like the British "We carry on!"𯘊 This is a greAt country. The outdoor Adventure activities are unbelievable. Kayaking with level 4 rapids. Rock climber by, hang gliding, trekking from 82 km into MP, etc. lLots of people are here don't by all of that ! Since 2010 the government is ensuring guides and drivers are trained to keep people safe.

Enough for tonight. Pictures tomorrow.

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