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Our House

This is home!!! It's beginning to look more like home and less like an empty shell. We've had a very busy and tiring few days, falling asleep in our chairs after dinner every night! We've almost purchased everything we need - Tony did a tool shop today, a drill, tool box, drill set, screwdrivers (you get the gist!). Tony now has the nickname "Mick" after Crocodile Dundee - Old Mate across the way was fishing and started chatting and told us he absolutely loves Mick Dundee. We've had lots of interesting conversations as everyone we meet makes comments on our accents. And the credit cards are, of course, Australian and they don't often come across anyone having to sign for their goods, so a conversation begins. We were in the hardware store that has been taken over by Bunnings and talked for some time to one of the employees.

Well, it's bedtime again, so I'm off. will try to take some more interesting photos tomorrow.


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