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On Thursday we had a day exploring museums and tar pits. Yes, tar pits. I had no idea that LA had the ‘La Brea Tar Pits’ which hold the remains of thousands of extinct animals including mammoths, saber-tooth tigers and others. They got stuck in there millions of years ago and are now being dug up. The complex is on Wilshire Boulevard so it was strange to find an archaeological dig in the middle of such a hustling bustling city. We also visited the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) – full of weird and wonderful pieces.

We’ve been travelling on the Metro train and bus system and so far, it’s been pretty easy to get around without getting lost.

As with all public transport, you get to share your ride with all sorts of people. We got to experience a crazy lady ‘losing it’ at some other innocent lady on one of the busses. It provided us with a few minutes of entertainment until she got off.

And then there was the altercation in the local supermarket when one customer accused another customer of trying to shoplift. Lots of chocolates thrown about in that one.

Our neighbourhood is pretty much all Latino. Tamara and I went to dinner at a stupidly expensive restaurant last night 4 blocks away from our hotel. We were the only 2 non-Latino people on the streets. We both quite like it. I just feel like I’m walking around Lima. Here, the signs are not in both English and Spanish. They are only in Spanish.

Ah, but back to the restaurant. Ever heard of anyone charging $62 for a steak dish???? We didn’t order the steak. I had a $41 chicken dish. It was nice, but I wouldn’t say it was worth $41. We’ll go back to the same area again tonight, but this time we’ll just go to a local Latino café, not a hoity-toity American restaurant.

Today (Friday), we headed off to Santa Monica to meet an old friend of mine who has recently moved here with her family. It was such a nice surprise to get a message from her saying that she was here and asking if we could catch-up. We had lunch in Santa Monica and got the low-down on how things work here. We then went to Beverly Hills where we got to see some Dali exhibits that are displayed on a street mall. I can’t imagine pieces like that surviving being exhibited on the streets of Melbourne.

The real excitement will start tomorrow morning when we need to pick up our rental car and get it back to the hotel. Will we be able to keep to the right side of the road? The road-trip will start on Sunday.

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