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Drew & I at the beach house

wedding party

with the bride at rehersal dinner

me & Esther

Jay & Drew


stevie & nic nic

San Diego...what a fun time.

After leaving SF we drove down to San Diego and started our travels. We were hoping to leave early in the afternoon on Sunday, but as anyone would know who've packed up their house, it just didn't happen that way. By the time everything was packed and ready to go it was 7 p.m. For two people getting ready to live out of their suitcases for the next 6, 9 or ? months we managed to still have a lot of baggage. How does that happen when I thought we put most everything into storage?

It was great getting down to SD before the wedding festivities and just relax on the beach. Kevin & Milly were so kind to offer us their beach house for most of the week. Getting up in the morning and walking 20 feet to the beach was a huge perk. It is part of the traveling that I know I will be able to get used to quickly.

Of course we ate like crazy at Flemmings with Rafi taking good care of us. Can't beat a great steak 2 nights in a row.

The wedding was beautiful and we had such a great time just hanging out with old friends before heading out. Next stop Chicago.

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