The South Island of New Zealand -winter 2015/16 travel blog

Christchurch Cathedral was 200+ years old before the quake

So many destroyed areas

Connex Containers used as shops

What an eye-opening day exploring Christchurch. The massive destruction from two earthquakes 4-5 years ago is still so evident. There is rebuilding happening but it is slow and so much infrastructure had to be rebuilt before the big buildings could begin being built. With so much time taken in insurance decisions, building roads again and utiilities, etc - there is evidence of some areas being rebuilt. Others are left deserted and grafiti is now everywhere along with boarded up buildings and broken windows. The photos show the state of the historical cathedral and some samples of places with big rebar/concrete piles of what use to be big multi-storied beautiful buildings. Several very expensive hotels downtown all boarded up and condemned. Try and salvage some commerce, creative folks brought in connex containes and made them in to stores/shops. So interesting to see a bank in a connex container and to see stores stacked on top of each other with ways for customers to access them. Some new areas and buildings are beautiful and show what can be a beautiful new down town but concerns are that folks will all have left and tourist have stopped coming very much so it is hard to see how it will resurrect itself to the prior Christchurch. Very busy day riding the bus to the Pacific Southshore area, then walking all around the downtown area. 17,626 steps and two tired folks headed to bed. Great day.

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