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Lamai Beach

Hardcore Neighbours

Ferry Over to Samui

Another Thai island:)

Koh PhanGhan

Us @ Sea

Spot The Lady Boy!!!!!

Slightly Worst for Wear

Tbag - Limbo's With Fire


The Milky Bar Swimming Pool - Koh Phangan

The Bag looking Bronzed


It's been a long nite @ the Half moon party

When the sun comes up ..........

Time for a morning dip, we think !!!!!!!

A week in Samui on the beach was just what we needed, even though i burnt on the 1st day wearing factor 30 would you believe (yes that is how long its been since i've seen the sun)!!! Browning nicely now (had to get that in there) and recovering from an all night party in Koh PhanGan which was fabulous but reminded us how out of practice we are at all nighters (my lovely mincewench - you would be proud of our stomping antics). Swimming in the sea this morning as the sunrise had to be the highlight of what has been a very long weeks holiday for both of us. The half moon party did not involve any of the moon however the copius amounts of alcohol buckets seemed to make that fact irrelevant. Starting to feel like we've been away about a month not just over a week:)

.........At the beginning of the week we rented a moped and the tires went 3 times in 2 days, the roads over here are just slightly pot holey!!!! Our neighbours for the week were West London hardcore lads (would you believe) which led to many an amusing experience, they were destined to break all limbs by going from mopeds to superbikes to a V-MAX 1300 motor bike in the space of a week (Dean you'd love it). While the bar strips here are utter sleaze and full of lad tourists and old men we managed to find a number of cool funky bars where you didn't need to check for adams apples! The over zealous attempt to provide us with western food has led us to succomb to steak and cheese baguettes but we managed to eat the best Thai food we've ever had for 4squid (Mum you would love all the snapper Paul has been devouring much to my disgust).

The shopping here is ridiculous, its all diseal and von bloddy dutch replicas (are we missing something here???) we found a truely unbelievabley good copy of Pauls Chelski shirt for 550 baht, we worked out later that his real one cost 5000baht - i'm never shopping in England again. There are far too many foreign Mancs as expected, their not all bad though as we were bought drinks by one the other night we did point out our London connections prior to him paying just encase though!!! Caught what can only be the worst relegation outcome in a long long time (commiserations to Mark and Steve P) trust United to mess it all up, WEST BROM whatta a load of SH**E!! Got to watch Arsenals trouncing of Everton looked for you Dad and John but must have missed you this time:)

Right thats enough waffle for one entry I could go on all day but were on a meter as they say.........Got one day left to sun ourselves and then off to Phuket for 4 nights (don't worry peeps the hostle is not near the beaches).

Hope its sunny in England - not hehehe

all our love Squeezer and Tbag xxxxxxxxx

PS we'll download photos when we get to Singapore

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