it's off to Central America travel blog

in the air from DFW to CAN

a 757 jet had exet window seat nice




heading to termal

bus to downtown


Hostal My Room


my studio apartment





Good morning I leave my home in CO and head to airport for a early American Eagle flight to Cancun with one stop and a plane change in DFW, it was the first time in several that left DRO on time Lol, in DFW had a short delay leaving had a small mechanical problem took only 10 minutes to check it out and on to Cancun getting into Cancun around 1:45. I got a bus from the airport to downtown for $5.00 USD the station was only a couple blocks from my hostel. I got my hostel and find the owner waiting by the front gate as it turns out it is a small studio apartment very nice, and it is only 480 pesos a night $USD 32.00 they only have one unit, lol. I got checked in then off to do a bit of exploring, as I am staying downtown it is more of the local people and not all the tourists which stay in the hotel zone. Get a bit to eat then check out the night life quite but it is a Thursday night back to room has been a long day.

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