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Denver - very hot and very bright, it is a real relief to be in the Public Library using the internet. Phew what a scorcher.

It's a nice place, quieter and smaller than Chicago, but I have still done what I traditionally do when I first arrive.......That's it get lost on public transport. I got here early in the morning (about 7 am- and it was cool but bright and very nice, which surprised me because it was supposed to be snowing- perhaps there is a different word for snow in America). Found a hostel easily and then had a shower and did all my washing, I've been into town and had some dinner...(mmm... Denver Omlette) I'm now on my way to the Art Musuem, which I understand is what they call the gallery in these here parts.

I went to the Art Insitute in Chicago and that was frankly jaw droppingly good... there were loads of paintings even a duffer like me could recognise; Chagal, yer Monet's,yer Renoirs', Mondrian, Matisse, Degas(? the chap that does the dancers?). 'Dew there's famous' , I thought.

I had a great time on the train journey as well, on the California Zephyr. The steward (serving food etc.), was the campest man ever, he looked like that bloke from Coronation St (Reg Holdsworth?) and asked me all about the queen (when asked I told him she only carries betting slips from William Hill's, but never cash, in her purse). The scenery was amazing, not dramatic, but just huge and you go through all these little dinky towns that look like 'The Bridges of Madison County'. Also crossed over the Mississipi, which was huge and very fast flowing (even though this is the small bit).

Anyway I'm running out of time now so I will go. I'm off to Reno tomorrow to gamble the mortgage (and see where the Misfits was filmed). I think then I'll go straight to Seattle, 'cos I'm running out of time.

Thanks to those who have left messages, the rest of you, (you know who are), as Delia would say "Let's be 'aving you!............Cheers now.

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