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Sam's Warehouse Terre Haute

Haven't seen a tree in bloom for long time.

Pulled out of the KOA around 9 am heading southwest, not sure where we would stop for the night. Made a stop at the local Sam’s Warehouse in Terra Haute Indiana so we could get some batteries and a new solar clock for the motorhome. Took a picture of the tree in bloom, been a long time since any of us have seen a tree in bloom. We got to talking with a gentleman in the parking lot that owned a watermelon business in Oak Town Indiana that sold 250 semi-trailer load of watermelon each year. He was interesting to talk with since he was so friendly. He shipped watermelon all over the US and Canada, not a bad business. This is where we got off the interstate system and started driving the back road of America to see some great sites. As we were driving down Rte. 41 came across the Toyota manufacturing plant in Princeton Indiana, it is a very large plant that produces 4 different models for Toyota. Interesting fact is Toyota planted a 160 acre forest near the plant for renewable resources, not a bad idea. We thought about Evansville Indiana but drove past there and ended up in Paducah Kentucky for the night at the KOA in Culver City Kentucky.

The guy at the campground told us about this great restaurant down the road that served catfish, which Candy had a taste for tonight. We drove there, Willow Pond Southern Catfish, is a restaurant if you are every in the area to stop at. I am not a fish eater but I had the catfish and was it wonderful, had too much so brought some home for lunch tomorrow. We have not figured out what we are going to do tomorrow, stay here or drive on to somewhere else, will know in the morning.

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