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Virginia with a her daughters in North Carolina

Monday, January 28, 2013

Finally, an uneventful day. We drove 302 miles today straight through to Augusta, Georgia from Wytheville, VA. We passed through North Carolina and South Carolina and established we are definitely in the South. We left the snow behind in North Carolina and hopefully see the last of snow for us this season. Pulled into Flynns Inn Campground a “private campground” in Augusta where Cindy and Penny placed “cash only” in supplied envelope and they placed it in a carved out slot in the door on the porch of what I suppose was “Flynns Inn” – a long, long time ago by all appearance of the building. Pictures will bear me out. Cindy talked to the camp owner several times by phone, but for all intents and purposes he is a ghost. No physical person ever appeared. He said he would stop by after we got in, but no sighting as of yet. The facilities include A shower house – a toilet, sink and shower in one very large room. What to expect for $25.00 for the night. I did notice the ghost had Woodall Camping ratings on a bulletin board from 2008 and 2009. Obviously this campground was someone’s dreams from many years ago and due to whatever circumstances has fallen on sad times. We do have electric, water and sewer so all is not bad.

Tomorrow we strike out for Montgomery, Alabama. We will pass by Auburn University tomorrow and hopefully we can swing through and visit Beth’s alma mater where she earned her Master’s Degree in English Lit.

We will be going to the New Orleans area Wednesday and the girls say we are going into New Orleans and Mardi Gras for the day. Remember this is Mardi Gras and Super Bowl week (and I did not bring my “terrible towel”). Cindy came down to Mardi Gras many years ago before we met and she said it was an awesome celebration and party. Should be an interesting day when it happens.

No news on the microwave, I called Bryan again during the day with no luck, then he called me back announcing he and his family were skiing, how awesome is that???!!! He did not provide any fix it information so maybe I’ll have to Google and search for repair parts, or don’t worry about it and take a vacation.

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