Asian Adventure 2011 travel blog

At the airport

The Ultimate Battle Connect 4: England Vs China (0-3)

First toilet

England defeated

1970's bed oh la la

Glorious North India Paintings, City Palace, Udaipur

Typical Udaipur shop

We arrived in Delhi with no problems, however made a swift departure the next day to Agra. Let's say the touts were extremely persistent and its not the pleasantest of places to chill having had no sleep the night before. Making two attempts to find the 'Tourist Office' to buy our 'get out tickets' ha we laughed along with our ticket issuer having worked on the railway for 10 years he himself couldn't find the place for over an hour ha ha.

The train journey was a 3rd class A/C much needed in sweltering and humid 31 degree heat. We were quickly relieved to make friends with Liz a Chinese girl in a 6 pull out bed cabin shared with 4 other people. The journey itself took an extra 3 hours! Making it 5 hours which is supposed to be one of our shortest journeys. The next step is to get to the south via land calling at Udaipur and breaking up the 20 hours PLUS JOURNEY TO Kerala.

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