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We arrived in Cape Town on Sat 1/10/2011 - it was cold and raining, a contrast from what we left behind in Namibia. It was sunny and very warm 32 degrees in Windhoek, in Cape Town it was overcast, raining and a cool 16 degrees.

We were taken to our hotel - Protea Fire and Ice. One word to describe this hotel - funky!

Sunday 2/10/2011 we embarked on a half day tour of the city. In summary we visited:

* Table Mountain - almost was blown off the mountain due to the wind. The city is literally at it's doorstep and we were almost knocking on it. With out a lie, we stepped off the bus and almost our feet were blown out from under us. Even the railing didn't seem safe enough to hold onto. One had brace themselves against something just to get a photo. But the view is amazing.

* Signal Hill - since the cable car to the top of Table Mountain was not operating on account of the wind, they took us to Signal Hill to view Robben Island and get a side view of Table Mountain.

* Bo-Kaap, Malay Quarter - here we took a 15minute walk through this part of town. Quaint, brightly coloured homes dotted the cobble stone streets.

* Milnerton - beach side suburb that looks straight across the water to Table Mountain. Water on this side is verrrrry cold.

* Castle of Good Hope - a fortress that we could not enter as the gates were locked on Sunday, in the heart of town.

* Diamond Shop - we were shown how they cut diamonds by professional diamond cutters that have to train for 5 years.

Monday was a full day tour of the Peninsular. Weather today was sunny and warm, perfect for touring. On this day we saw:

* Clifton and Camps Bay - gorgeous beach side suburbs, obviously for the elite gauging on the homes on the side of the hill. Great view of the 12 Apostles that lie behind Table Mountain.

* Hout Bay - ideal for taking a cruise to see fur seals, but who needs to when there was a very friendly seal in the water happy to pose for us so we could take his photos. We were just standing on the edge of the wharf when another person noticed a couple of seals in the water. They both swam up to us and literally posed, sometimes sticking their tails up out of the water then giving us a smile.. very cute. The residents of this sea side village are so proud of their little town they have even created their own passports and who ever goes overseas, they all try to see if they can enter that country using their Hout Bay passport - they are mostly successful in Asian countries, but one resident did manage to enter Italy with with... it's a little competition the residents have with each other.

* Chapman's Peak - amazing windy coastal road that overlooks Hout Bay. It had been closed for years due to rock fall then the Swiss bought it, fixed it up, turned it into a toll road and now its one of the best coastal drives in the world... stunning.

* Cape of Good Hope - the very point of the Peninsular, but not the most southern tip of Africa as most believe. Landscape is baron but we did see herd of eland on our way to Cape Point.

* Cape Point - has a lighthouse if you wanted to take a vernicular to get to it. We stopped here for lunch. It overlooks False Bay.

* Boulder's Beach - Known for the colony of penguins. Admission is 40 Rand, but who needs to pay when you can easily walk the boardwalk behind the beach and see the penguins up close, we could almost touch them if you were game. We also saw another cute creature, cross between a wombat and rabbit, need to find out what it was.

* Kirstonboch Botanical Gardens - heaven on earth. This has to be the most beautiful place there is. Nestled below Table Mountain, the view from these gardens is amazing. We took a quick tour to certain parts due to the time, saw the tree that is home to an owl and her chicks.. she just sits there staring at people walking past.

Then we went home. Two amazing days seeing the best of Cape Town.

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