Ashville Spring 2011 travel blog

River by our camper

See how close we are to the water.

Our trailer

Ours is the one in the middle


The parkway winding around.

This is looking glass mountain. When the rock face is wet and...

From another angle

Looking glass Mt in the center and the parkway top right. The...

Highest elevation on parkway

Everywhere people ask about the mosquitto. Mothers at school have said it...


Really tall waterfall.

This is a private house with a view of the falls. To...

Dogwoods by the road

Lots of dogwoods

more dogwoods

Did I mention I like dogwoods

the parkway again

This caption is obvious, isn't it?

What can I say

more dogwoods

This is at the very end of the parkway

Day two-we drove to ashville. It ony took 3.5 hours and the weather was great. We took rt 26 which has great scenery. It rivals the parkway. The campsite is great. We are right on the river. The water is very high because of all the rain lately. The campground is only half full. It looks like the schools around here do't get the week off so that is why there are no crowds.

Day three-we did the Blue Ridge parkway today. We drove from ashville to the end at the great smokies. This means we have driven the entire blue ridge now. We have done skyland drive (105 Miles) and the Blue ridge (469 miles) from Afton Mt in Va(the start of the parkway) to the smokies in NC (the end of the parkway). Of course not in the same trip. We have done certain setions several or many times. We love mabry mills south of roanoke, Skyland and Big meadow on the skyland drive, Peaks of Otter and Star Mt near Roanoke, there is a great cafe at Doughton park with great biscuits and country ham, and the Linn Cove Viaduct.

The trees are just budding right now at the higher elevations so there wasn't much green today. The parkway from ashville south is full of rhododendrens. We have to do this drive one year from mid May to mid June to see the blooms. (we have to retire first of course) Right now at the lower portions the dogwoods were blooming. Lots of dogwoods. It was georgous.

Tomorrow we plan to do the parkway north and go to mt mitchell and linville falls. Then one day we plan on going into ashville.

Be sure to check out today's pictures.

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