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C Fred Johnson Park Carousel is biggest one

taking a ride on a carousel . . .

Highland Park Carousel

dog is popular here

want to ride a wild boar?

an iron sailboat goes aground at Highland Park, way above the waterline!

G W Johnson Park Casrousel in glass

West Endicott Park is across from the old Endicott-Johnson factory which is...

just off a remote parking area of BU campus

turtle near the pond at BU

beginning and end of the loop I took this time

so many types of dragonflies!

On this fine day off of work and family visits, I decided to finish the carousel tour and look for a few letterboxes.

Between 1919 and 1934, George F Johnson, shoe manufacturer, donated 6 carousels to local parks. He insisted that there never be a charge for anyone to ride them and the towns honor his request to this day. The carousels are now on the National Register of Historic Places and the New York State Historic Register! There are only 150 antique carousels in the USA!

Last year and this one (I guess), there was a promotion for them where people would ride them and collect a card after the ride. Once all the cards were collected, they could be turned in for a button and that button could be turned in for a "jewel" of a prize. I rode the first and last carousel only - can't say why.

There is a Nature Preserve at SUNY Binghamton (they like to call the campus Binghamton University) that has lots of trails through woods, up hills, and down by ponds. I followed a couple of them to look for letterboxes commemorating the fact that Rod Serling of "The Twilight Zone" fame calls Binghamton his home town. I found one box but the contents were wet beyond use and the stamp was missing. It was a great hike though!

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