We drove across beautiful Iowa today. Newly planted corn growing as far as the eye could see. Quaint farmhouses and barns. Windmills turning slowly. John Deere tractors at work in the fields. It all seemed surreal as if pulled off a Disney stage set. The people are real and friendly. They are proud and work hard. We had dinner at the Chances R. This is dining at its finest in the heartland and offers up all the goodies like steak dinners, calves liver, farm fresh pork, country chicken, strawberry rhubarb pie. All are homemade and have all the basic trimmings. Great food and so reasonable. The diners often wear bib overalls and the children are everywhere and are well behaved. Our Rv resort was smack in the middle of a corn field and we slept like rocks after a long day's journey.

The crossing of the Missouri into Omaha, Nebraska was a big event.

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