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As I am fortunate enough to work for a bunch of philanthropist new agers, our Christmas bonus was a swift escapade in Fiji. We stayed in an embarrassingly swanky resort, and generally assumed the air of 19 century elite, drinking ice cold beverages served by smiling locals. Not a bad thing, in itself, but it is interesting to note that the resort circumference was carefully marked by a barbed wire fence, presumably to keep the tourists in.

We did escape though, me and the old boy dashing covertly out the gate, sprinting down a unsurfaced road, before stumbled into a village. Seeing our distressed state, and after much mutual Bulaing, we were invited into a grass hut, and served copious amounts of Kava. Somehow escaping once more, we disappeared into a mangrove swamp for 2 hours, stumbled across a luxury estate (although technically we didn't belong in this one), before, beaten, giving in and turning up at the hotel bar, 5 hours later. Fun times.

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