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So I hadn’t even left Hobart and the fun started.

I checked in and headed off towards security... I watched with amusement as a wheel from some poor sods luggage rolled past me.

That’s when I had a bad feeling... I tentatively looked down, couldn’t see anything... so I surreptitiously had a quick feel... and yep.... it was my wheel.

Funnily enough... wasn’t quite so funny anymore....

So I scooped it up off the floor hoping like hell that the 200+ young kids heading off to Adelaide for a netball comp weren’t watching me. I’m pretty sure everyone was laughing and being glad it wasn’t them.

So completely disappointed I trundled off to security.

The girls who know me so well now from when I was backwards and forwards when Tim was sick saw me in the queue and started having a conversation about who was going to scan me (because of the jewellery).

I held up my arms to show them no jewellery and then we had a very long, loud conversation over the heads of all the people in the queue.

So in the end very strangely I ended up walking through security without making the equipment shriek or copping a quick feel.

The other security dude then decided that I was obviously far too friendly with security and so of course I was a security risk, and went through my bags with a fine toothed comb.

I think he was disappointed that he couldn’t prove I got up in the middle of the night to mix up a quick batch of bombs in time to then catch the 6am red eye to Melbourne.

The trip itself was uneventful, and in the afternoon Helen, Ian, Mardi, Dale, the kids and I scattered Tim’s ashes at Queenscliff.

A promise fulfilled.

See you in China Tim.

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