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Barbara Hepworth Garden

A group of school children were on a field trip

The Four Square (Walk Through) [1966] in background.




Conversation with magic stones [1973]

Pond with goldfish

Two Forms (Divided Circle) 1969


The Four Square (Walk Through) [1966] in background.

Anne climbs into The Four Square (Walk Through)





Her workshop as she left it. She died in 1975.

Tuesday, September 29

This morning, at a leisurely pace, we went to see the Barbara Hepworth Sculpture Museum and Garden - fantastic. She was a influential post-WWII artist. Then we bought a Cornish Pasty for lunch on the quay, and wandered around, buying a few things and finally coming back for a restful afternoon. Dinner was at the Seafood Cafe - our last night in St. Ives needed to have a great dinner and we knew it would happen here - it did!

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