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We´re sitting at an internet cafe on Las Ramblas, Barcelona after not getting any sleep since we left home. The trip total from LAX to our Hostel was something like 15 hours. Everything went well except fot the butthead busdriver who wouldnt tell us if we were on the correct bus. So we said "fuck it, it´s an adventure" and so we got on and 20 mins later we saw a tiny little sign with the street name we were looking for. Being that it was 1:30am when we got to the bus stop, there was no one around to ask for directions and it got a little hairy for about 5 secs. Then the bus left and wouldnt you know it, the Hostel was just on the other side of the street =)

Caro´s experience...okay so now im going to tell you my story. Feeling overwhelmed about being away from home and knowing that for the first time in my life i was going to have to share a bedroom with 4 strangers who by the way i didnt event get to meet since we got to the place at 1am. I yes I Carolina Castro pulled a tantrum, I started crying because i missed my family and wanted to go to a hotel instead. I made Fernando wait in the lobby until my tantrum passed and I was ready to go to bed. We waited in the lobby for a good 2 1-2 hours. Poor Fer was sleeping in the bench while I was crying. But today I feel much better I woke up on the right side of bed and I overcame my first challenge.

Yes I am a crybaby!!!

We will update the photos tomorrow because FEEERRRR forgot the cable duhh I reminded him but I guess haha j-k (he is a little cranky since I made him sleep in the wooden bench last nite)

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