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From Lodge toward Paulina Lake area to the east.

A beautiful water lilly on the Oxbow creek next to the lodge.

Mt Bachelor in the distance.

Canoes for campers to rent to cruse Oxbow creek.

Here we are on our first stop on our long trek across the lower 48 and back. We woke up to a brisk 44 degree cloudless sky in campsite H6 at the far back corner of Bend / Sunriver Thousand Trails Preserve. I went outside on my normal chore routine to let the Girls out of their sleeping quarters inside the canopy in the back of the Silver Breeze (Dodge Pick-up). The sunlight was just touching the tree tops and the air was brisk. As the Girls climbed down the ramp from their quarters I could hear coyotes yapping somewhere off in the distance. You know you are in central Oregon when you can smell sagebrush and hear coyotes.

I again hope that all of you enjoy following us as we travel. I seem to enjoy doing this or I wouldn’t bother taking the time to do it. But since time seems to be a commodity that I seem to have more of while sitting in camp on the road... Well, there you are... So I will share some of the more interesting things that we see on the way east our with family and friends. I hope that it isn’t too boring or that you find it uninteresting. I try to include some of my best photo shots I take along the way. I keep my camera handy at all times and take lots of pictures. You never know what you might just happen to see that is worth sharing. We live in a very interesting world that can have all kinds of beautiful and unusual images. I have enjoyed capturing them for many years now. I especially enjoy the digital imaging format because it is so instant and inexpensive. You can immediately preview your images and decide whether they are worth keeping. Of course they are readily available for sharing on a more massive scale than the snapshots and slides I use to take. I have at least 30 followers of this journal so far that I share with.

We were here for three nights and head further east into Idaho tomorrow. So far so good. The trip over was really nice with everything working as it should on the coach. The ole’ diesel just seems to hum along and the wheels just keep on a rollin’. We were all happy to arrive here after 4 hours of driving from McMinnville. The next leg of our route will take much longer as it is much further to Caldwell. I had plenty of rest while here. We spent our days resting in camp, reading, walking, taking siestas and of course eating. Rita will get some driving practice tomorrow as there are lots of long lonely stretches of highway across Eastern Oregon. Until next time..

Sorry for the lack of photos in this entry. Very slow upload speed here at the campground.

Love from us, Dale, Rita, and The Girls

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