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Dave and Aslaug, Met them at the put in

Raine Falls, No we didn't run it. Either we are to old...

our camp the first night

Pirates along the way... Pink always scares me

our whole party stopped for lunch

The whole group at Zane Grays Cabin

Rogue River ranch

The whole Group at the last night's camp.

We traveled to Oregon for a 5 day trip down the beautiful Wild and Scenic Rouge River. Dave Dolberg and his girlfriend Aslugh organized the trip. If I remember correctly we had about 16 people on the trip. Dave and Aslaug are from Calgary Canada and had a good number of their friends along. Rhino and Michelle, Gerry and Lorraine, Richard, Eileen, Darryl. The Californians that went were Gregg, Melissa,her son Nick,and Wiley and Tina.

The weather was almost the hottest recorded in recent times. The main feature of this river is its coastal forest and basalt canyons and rock formations. Famous rapids like Rainie Falls is a solid class five(meaning extremely difficult to run right side up). Blossom Bar is considered a class 4. There were many other class 3 rapids that added to the excitement of the river. Another hazard on the river is the Black Bear. The warnings and electric fenced in food pens were an indication that bears can be a big problem on this section of the river. It was such a wet season this last winter and spring that by the time we were on the river the bears hadn't come down from the mountains to raid the camps of food.

The real hazard of this trip was the heat. One of our oarsmen because of the heat got heat stroke. Poor Rhinhard(Rhino) was so dehydrated Lorraine the Dr on the trip thought it be best that we got him to a hospital quickly. We were lucky to be camped right next to a Ranger cabin. They called in a jet boat and within almost 45 minutes from start to finish, Rhino, Lorrain, and Michelle were on their way to the take out in a Sherriff's jet boat. Wow. What a way to spend a layover day on the River. We heard later that Rhino needed 7 liters of saline solution to get him up to speed. He was a sick boy. He was on the river with another ailment that was being treated. This other treatment seemed to slow down Rhino's immune system and his ability to deal with stress. Today Rhino is ok and on the road to recovery. Boy that was a close call.

We took out July the 4th. and then the majority of the group traveled to the thriving town of McCall, Idaho, to prepare for the next trip, the main Salmon river of Idaho. Yes, the river that the Indians told Lewis and Clark was the river of NO Return.

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