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Rob contemplates the merits of Alien vs. Predator

Left the beautiful hospitality of Bill and Stef on Thursday to begin our traveling. I had an exam at 5:30 which I studied approximately 5 minutes and 30 seconds for - so we'll see how that one went! Sam drove in the nastiest deluge Portland's had in a while, but eventually we arrived at a lovely rest area north of Grants Pass, Oregon, to bed down in the back of the mighty Blazer for the night. The shelf I built in the back was AWESOME, and we were quite cozy with our sleeping bags zipped together (it was about 55 degrees, so we were actually a bit hot!)

Woke up late for a night in the back of the car (8:45) and cruised into Grants Pass for some breakfast. Afterward, we journeyed to San Francisco, making all the appropriate stops to land us at the outskirts of Oakland at exactly 5:00 p.m. Much like the last time we drove to San Fran, we spent an hour and a half looking at brake lights. Woo hoo.

The time with our friend Rob in San Francisco was incredibly chilled out, which was quite nice after the crazy week of moving and such. Rob had a party to go to on Friday, so Sam and I grabbed dinner, then made some coffee/tea in the room and paid for the piss poor movie "The Forgotten" to lull us to sleep. Saturday we spent roaming around the San Francisco waterfront, then we caught a ferry to Sausalito and wandered some more there. Spent some time in the yacht area contemplating the large yacht named "Incognito" and watching a blue heron for some sort of cool heron moves. In the evening, we grabbed some Thai at an awesome Mom and Pop store around the corner from our hotel: cheap (which is crazy in San Fran), delicious, authentic and cooked right in front of us. Then to keep the theme going, we went back to the room and watched Alien Vs. Predator ala Mystery Science Theater. Awesome.

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