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Hey peeps!

We have spent the last couple of nights in Ayutthaya, it was very nice, peacefull and historicial, When we got to our hostel, we thought it would be a good idea to rent a bike which definatly proved more dangerous than we first thought, claire only nearly died twice, however i was constantly getting mowed down by anything that moved. but dont worry im safe for now anyway because i have given the bike back.

We went to a restaurant and i thought i would be the romantic type ( that i am) and order claires meal, her requirments were anything BUT fish, naturally i rose to this challange and ordered her a "suki" with sauce, when it arrived it had squid, prawns wierd ball things which really didnt taste nice, celery etc etc, basically all the things she hates. Arnt i nice!! however she wasnt left starving she had cold vegetable noodles which was stationed accross the street! o and my dinner was very nice :)

All filled up and ready to go we took the photos attatched, show some of the temples etc which were there. Some of the buddahas were brilliant, espeically the fella in the tree, ( which Claire got told off for standing taller than him- a disrespectful thing to do!! )

Quick question to any one ( proberly simon) ?In some of the temples the buddahs heads have been chopped off, do you know why this is? whenever we ask a thai man he goes "ahh yess nice buddah" we did think this was a tad odd seeing as they are so sacred!!

Also when we were looking around it was insainly hot!!! like 80' ish.

Lots of love to u all claire and nick x


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