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on the way to the airport

plane window

the big buddha, Lantau

the big buddha again

ocean park, we love the jelly fish!!

oooh shark!

green jelly

a member of a chinese ladys family aparently

tom on the escalator

victoria peak hong kong

DAy 4: Travellled to Guangzhou. A journey that we were informed would take 1 and a half hours, it took 5!! and that was how we proceeded. A nightmare journey whereby nobody understood a word we were saying, we eventually got to the craziest city ever, which seemed somewhat filled with flyovers and identical buildings. It rained so hard we were starting to dislike china, but found a haven in an area called the shamian island. A small colonial esque part of the city that had retained some history. Found a nice hostel for half the price we were paying in hong kong and it was more like a 3* hotel...nice!

DAy 5: Not much to see in the industrial guangzhou, so we decided to move on. Booked a hard sleeper train to Guilin. Despite our apprehension, the train was nice, duvets, beds and pot noodle dinners for cheap, we were loving it. Except for the fact we had no idea what was going on as it was all in chinese. Failed to mention the train station though. It was meyhem!!! hundreds of people pushing their way through the crowds, english politeness goes out the window. Anyways we got there and except the morining stench of the train toilet, we remained unscathed.

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