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Few hurdles to jump over but we're off. First flight in the series got cancelled but after a quick trouble shoot we made it to Fiji and had an incredible first day. Beachcomber island was exactly what we were looking for to start off our trip with a sand bottom bar, white sand beach going all the way around the island and cute Aussie's running around everywhere. The 2nd and 3rd day turned out a little different when a decent size cyclone came whizzing by over head. Little freaky being on an island (elevating 8ft) that you can walk around in a few minutes when this thing hit. I now see why some of these islands have names like "castaway island." took us 2 days but made it back to the main land to dry out for a bit.


Beachcomber was fun for the first day and half until Cyclone Gene came into town. Due to the weather most people were depressed and stuck inside. The music at the bar tended to repeat itself with anything that would make Hannah Montana fans scream. Despite the weather, standing on the beach and watching the tropical storm roll in was quite amazing and the day and a half we had of sun was enough to make me peel. After only 3 days it was time to leave as there was nothing for us to do there, so off to New Zealand early.

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