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at gunung batur in bali.

one of the orange creatures larking about at semengoh rehab centre

flying in over souther Borneo

Ritchie the 120kg Orangutan through the pouring rain

the herd of pygmy elephants feeding at the waters edge

our mate pete the pygmy elepahnt

this is actually how close we were!

a proboscus monkey. looks like the monkey version of 'onslow' from keeping...

prime candidate for a nose job.....

riverside lodge in the Sungai Kinabatangan

Chris and I at the Lookout Pavalion in Sandakan, Sabah, Borneo.

Culinary delicacies on the streets of Kuching. Tempting....

Chris being attacked by a white cat with a bow tie on...

HI! It is S here for a change!

WE have had a few adventurous, mosquito-filled days. We departed from Kota Kinabalu on Thursday, and headed into the interior of Borneo for our Jungle Adventure. Unfortunately the place we wanted to stay in was fully booked, so we had a couple of days hanging around in a fairly uninspiring city by the name of Sandakan. Eventually, on Sunday morning we headed off to the Jungle village of Sukau with one thing on our mind : nature.

The lodge we stayed in was basic but perfectly located right on the edge of a river called Sungai Kinabatangan. This river has crocodiles, so we resisted the temptation to swim in it. It did make me quite thirsty looking at it though because it looks like chocolate milk.

There was only one other couple staying at the lodge, a spanish couple, who were nice but very hairy. We got there and sat down to lunch together, making small talk etc....suddenly we were alerted to the fact that a HERD of pygmy elephants had entered the camp. needless to say, we armed our cameras and watched them devouring the vegetation at the edge of the camp. amazing. a couple of hours later, we went on a boat trip down the Kinabatabgan river, only to re-find the elephants about 200 m downriver, at least 15 of them. eating again! the similarities between chris and the elephants is shocking. we were so close to them, only about 2 metres away. it really was one of the highlights of the trip so far - we understand we are very lucky to have seen the elephants at all, let alone so closely. the boat trip lasted 2.5 hrs, and we saw plenty of other wildlife, including the proboscus monkey. These monkeys are the 'onslow' of the monkey world. they have huge distended tummys and sit there with it bulging out unashamedly. there will hopefully be some pictures on the blog soon.

WE spent that night fighting off the relentless insects, attracted to even a slither of light in the pitch-black jungle. Drifting off to sleep was memorable, with all of the noises of the jungle surrounding you, including something which sounded curiously like a rattle snake....

The next morning was a bit of a rush as we had to leave at 6:30, and the lodge didn't give us breakfast until 6:25am. So we wolfishly devoured the noodles (yep, we can now eat noodles for breakfast and not retch), and dashed off to the awaiting mini bus. Unfortunately, we realised some 400 km later that we had left out mobile phone behind, as well as ALL of our malaria tablets. Thats is over 400 tablets!!!! We were pretty annoyed at ourselves, but ho hum, at least we remembered our camera and the credit cards! Curiously, we have since phoned the lodge, and they claim the missing goods are not there, so we phoned the bus company and had a limited conversation marred by language problems, but eventually resolved that they did not have the tablets either. thinks someone is telling porkies.....

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