James & Christine Round the World 2008 travel blog

Madrid airport

Arriving at the gate the flight is already boarding but they stop us. What's wrong now?

"We've upgraded you Mr & Mrs Copeland to business plus". Things are looking up!

The chair folds flat and even has a massage button. Christine had forgotten the joys of travelling upper class. This could get expensive!

Having set the tracks for the juke box I settled back to relaxing music while Christine watched a film. I'd just dozed off when Pavarotti belted out "O Sole Mio"!

The films on demand were quite good and we both watched three or four.

The food was good even if our choice was no longer available. Where have I heard that before?

It was stormy on arrival in Rio and we were met and transported to the hotel. The centre of Rio was gridlocked but it was Friday night just a few weeks before Carnival

the Hotel had no reservation for us as we were expected the following day. Could GAP have made a mistake?

Fortunately they found us a nice room and the tour guide sorted it out for us.

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