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Well, What a morning... Never underestimate your own ability to think ahead and put things (ie passports) in safe places!!! Probably worth actually keeping a record of exactly where it is, or possibly even getting the damn thing tattooed or attached to somewhere you will never forget/misplace it.

POor old Grandma, Phillipa, Ange and my saving grace -the taxi driver got to deal with an unusual side of me, and not one I really want to reappear in the near future, "Stressed Megan".

This morning I awoke without effort at 5am and there was no going back to sleep - call it nerves or not willing to be late or those bloody birds out the front of Grandmas that like to grace us with their song every morning... After watching some more of Anne of Green Gables the sequel (there's a story that will never get old although her overwhelming entusiasm and imagination rubbish does occasionally get a bit much) it was time to shower, change finish packing and head off.

I had planned to leave Grandmas by 7am giving me plenty of time to allow for traffic (yes I know its a Sunday morning but, as I will explain, stranger things have happened. As I went to double check that I had all the imprtant information I of course couldn't locate my passport. Knowing how Grandma stresses I headed outside to make some subtle phone calls to Qantas to see if it had been left on my Blackwater to Brisbane flight. UNfortunately they were "attending to other people" () and I left a message. I then continued to ring back every few minutes hoping someone would hear the phone and answer it. Eventually they just took the phone off the hook.

By this time I couldn't keep it secret from Grandma anymore and so she had started to double check all my left over bags (the summer stuff I'm leaving with her for the few days on my way home) and of course beingthe loving Grandma she is double checking with me that everything she found in these bags was actually meant to be left at home ( I was a getting a bit snappy by this time as it was starting to scare me that I wouldn' get on the plane)

After several calls to immigration (no help, call back tomorrow), travel insurance (yes we'llcover it but you sort it out and send the receipts) and stil no m ore luck from Qqantas (even the super number I usually use through Qantas Club wasn't answering) I decided to just go to the domestic airport and find someone in lost property and see if they had it. All the way there the taxi driver was very clam considering I was pretty rude everytime he suggested somewhere else I could look. Eventually I got trhough to Qantas CLub and she got through to baggage who didn't have it which really worried me as where else could it be. Surely I wasn't stupid enough to have taken it shopping yesterday and left it somwhere. By this time we were at the big round about before going onto the airport road so the cabbie turned the cab around, took me back to Grandmas, calmed me down and told me to look everywhere, no longer as a stressed passenger as effectively without a passport I had missed my flight. He kindly offered to wait with my bags, turned the meter off and I went in and checked again, poor old Grandma had I think almost turned the house upside down in my absence. So of course still no passport.

I thought I'd check my "present bag" (the extra bag I'm taking with gifts and wedding clothes once more to see if it was in there even though I ahd already emptied it several times. This time however instead of just looking inside the plastic bag with my stupid huge expensive ski jacket in it I took the jacket out and there, sitting quietly, safely tucked away so I wouldn't lose it shopping, and in the one bag I was guaranteed to need on the plane was my bloody passport!!!!!! (see I was thinking straight yesterday)

Then it was off to the airport, leaving Grandmas at 7:45am, much closer to Cheryl's recommended leaving time of 8am. The taxi driver had a little gloat about how he had told me to check every pocket in the bag as its always tucked away in a small pocket. I allowed him his moment and he madesure when I got out of his taxi there was definitely nothing left in the car. I also gave him a nice tip as he really was a shining light considering my manners went out the window at the beginning...

So again, thanks to Phillipa and Ange who I rudely woke at 7am to check and see if it had fallen out in their cars (and probably stressed out as well).

Anyway, I am now sitting in the Qantas club, due to board pretty soon and waslucky enough to get my business class seat and I predict I will sleep very well tonight.

Hopefully thats all the excitement I will have for the nextsix weeks and things calm down from here on in. I tell you what though, Ido wish I could crack open my bottle of cranberry vodka but I'm saving that for the trip.

So the moral of the story is, when you misplace something and your looking through bags make sure you look in the bags in the bags in the bag as well as every pocket... And don't be snippy to your Grandma :P

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