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Jefferson, TX

Blayde warming his paws while Will takes a rest in Jefferson, TX.

The streets still look festive from Christmas.

Rebecca loves to window shop in Jefferson, TX.

Best fudge shop Rebecca has found in East Texas.

Blayde found a steamboat just his size in Jefferson, TX.

The holidays are a good time to wander around Jefferson, TX.

We woke up this morning to a chilly but lovely East Texas sunrise. Blayde is always ready to get up by 7 a.m. so sleeping in late is something we haven't done much of in the last 7 months since adding him to our family. Willis took Blayde for his morning walk while I contemplated the events of yesterday while making the bed and completing various other morning routines.

When we ordered our Roadtrek 210 Versatile, in preparation for our upcoming life as fulltimers, we were repeatedly reassured by our RV dealer that it would be here in December and "certainly by Christmas." As Christmas approached it became obvious that this was not the case. We were then told our new RV would be here on Friday, December 28, and this was reconfirmed via a phone conversation with our RV dealer on December 26. We cancelled plans to spend Friday with our friends in Gilmer in order to be ready to drive the three hours to Ft. Worth to pick up our new Roadtrek. Yesterday morning came and went. By noon I could not stand waiting for the call from our RV dealer for another moment so I called the RV dealership. I was told that our dealer was "out of the office to attend a funeral, but we will have someone call you back to tell you if you should come in or not today." So, again, waiting by the phone for that "come and get it" call. No call. Finally at 5 p.m. I called back and was told that as best as they can tell our Roadtrek is still in Canada! It isn't even on the truck headed our direction yet! After listening to an explanation of how there were no trucks available during the holidays to drive our Roadtrek to us, "but we'll be on the phone on Monday and find a truck to carry it down" I was pretty bummed out when I crawled into bed last night.

As we awoke this morning we realized that instead of exploring all the features of our new RV today we had an entire free day ahead of us. Well, as anyone that knows us could guess, that means a "day trip" to cool my gypsy blood! So, after a breakfast at Whataburger in Longview off we headed to Jefferson, TX.

Jefferson, TX, is a lovely little town that we have enjoyed visiting often since moving to East Texas in 1994. The brick streets, the quaint shops, and the yummy food are all fun diversions...especially when dealing with the disappointment of not having our new RV today as planned. It was chilly in the shade but was still an enjoyable day. We wandered around the town looking at all the pretty Christmas decorations and window shopping. After a light lunch and then some yummy fudge from Rebecca's favorite fudge shop we took the scenic drive back to Longview.

Days like today make the upcoming adventure of traveling around North America all the more exciting to us. We are like two kids waiting for a late Santa Claus this year... now if only he can find a truck to get our Christmas present out of Canada and down here to Texas!

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