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View from our table at Toucan's

The Hecks and The Youngs at Toucan's

We are going over WHAT.........

The Bridge To The End Of The World

OK, maybe not the End of the World, but it LOOKED like...

We Are Here

Getting from Leesburg, FL to Mexico Beach, FL we had to go over 6 bridges. I do not like bridges.

Mexico Beach, FL was wonderful! The sands are so white, the water so clear. We stayed at a small campground, Rustic Sands, within walking distance to the beach. Had an early dinner at Toucan's, and when we sat down in the outside dining room, David and I decided we wanted to live there! Vollyball nets on the beach, Tiki hut roofs on the outside dining area, beautiful beach and hardly anyone on the beach. Toucan's serves oysters on the half shell and blackened grouper. We were all 4 in heaven. Sleepy beach town, lots of unintended atmosphere and good food.

Today, 5/2, breakfast was strawberry shortcake for Connie and David, none for Ron and none for me. Part of the trip was very pretty, then the rest was highway. However, we again started to go over bridges. By 5 bridges I was getting an upset stomach. Downhill from there. Went over 10 bridges. The first really big one kept going, and going, until all of a sudden we saw a large ship right in front of us and BOOM - we dipped into a tunnel under the ship. OK, for someone who does not like bridges, and does not like tunnels, it was my worst nightmare! Yet to come was the bridge to Dauphin Island, AL. It appears you are going to fall off the bridge into the sea at the apex of the bridge. Optical illusion, but enough to cause me to break open the Alkamints. In all: Today, 10 Bridges, 1 Tunnel. Staying at the Dauphin Isl Campground. Nice, quiet - nothing to write home about.

I am slowly recovering from the Trauma of all the bridges and tunnel...

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