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French cross-dressing in Steph's wedding outfit (see later)!

Hey Baldy! If you wanna be in my gang, you'll need to...

The one on the right is Ryan O'Saurus, the famous Irish Animal...

High Tea at Singapore Zoo

Steph getting married to a Giraffe in a little Zandra Rhodes creation!

Well Hello Big Boy!

And hello to you too, Big Girl!

A power cat nap! WAS hot and sticky!

If these could speak, I'm sure they'd be saying "Where's the Savlon?"

We made it- inn corwd hostel in singapore is now where we call home for next 2 days at least. plane was painful even worse cos I woke up and people already had breakfast so was hungry and as most of u know that a gud thing.....

ate in the hostels own restaurant last night cos it seemed easiest, the place also doubled as a cheesy 'empire like' club with disco ball and all, luckily upstairs was a lot more like we had hoped for- chopstick pro that I am only used spoon when got to the rice. did manage a couple of tiger's last night but with tiredness kickin in we called it a night around midnight which was a respectable effort. Hanging round with a girl from near Birmingham called Jo who has ben travelling alone though Asia for four months. Heading out to the Zoo today and safari later so will be ready to hit the city sights tomorrow- along with gin sling at Raffles (i hate gin but just gota do these things). We both happy to be here and I was very happy to get a cup of tea this morning- one a day and i'll b rite!!

Frenchie xx

Hi guys!!! Foy here!!

Haven't read what frenchie has written so sorry if i repeat!! Arrived in singapore last night with no probs, hostel nice, food gooooood, chop sticks challenging even thought Liam has tried many a time to teach me how to use the things, flight surprisingly good!! I slept for seven hours so when i woke up it was nice to find out there was only 40 mins left on the flight woooo!!! Sleeping in a big dorm (about 20 beds) but it is really nice and the beds are clean and comfy. Its quite private aswel which i know is a silly thing to say but there;s little kinda corners with beds tucked in them. Im on top bunk mr french on bottom! Met a lovely girl from UK called Jo and had something to eat with her in this cozy yet craxzy little place last night ( you all know i like a bit of crazy!). Anyway had a nice breakfast of toast, tea and apple juice lol. About to go off to the Zoo and take some happy snaps of some animals =D. Going to stay out there (as takes hour to get to by bus....yes thats right DAVE A BUS!!!! lol) and going to the night safari. Probably give raffles a good go tomorrow, and while i remeber thank you very much Mrs French for the Singapore Sling pennies that was very nice of you and put a huge smile on your wee boys face. As did the "lucky duck" from whitby! Im sorry if im repeating stuff, damn the joint webpage lol.

Anyway off to go see singapore and take lotsa photo's!! Missing you all lots but im doing fine and we have both adjusted just nicely to the climate (despite the rain) and the easy going lifestyle that sums up backpacking =D.

Hope everything at home is well and love you all and miss you heaps!


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